Eveeye maps is capable of synchronizing your ingame location to out-of-game browsers.To make this work your ingame browser (IGB) needs to get linked to out-of-game browsers (OOG)

Sync oog

Location and info sharing with groups

Starting sync ingame (IGB) Edit

  1. Sync igb edit

    IGB sync group selection

    Visit ingame
  2. If not already logged in please Login a character by clicking the char icon top right
  3. Click the appropriate group icon at top left to start sharing your location with that group.
  4. This will already enable people in that group to see you in their OOG browser !

Available Groups Edit

  • Solo Sync: Only you are able to see your ingame location.
  • Corporation Sync: Only corp members are able to see your location.
  • Alliance Sync: Only alliance members can see your location.
  • Gang Sync: People using the same token as you can see your location.

Connecting an out-of-game browser (OOG) Edit

Sysc oog

OOG sync group selection

  1. if not already please Login a character
  2. Click on the fleet icon right below your character image.
  3. Select a group to share your info.

Note: If you select a group OOG this will switch IGB to that group aswell. You can only switch groups ingame if you are not connected to OOG with that character.